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How do I care for Snakeskin?

Snakeskin is a surprisingly hard-wearing material, but it’s also delicate. Therefore  ensure you keep them clean to improve their longevity, and avoid scuffing with these top tips:

  • Before you wear your Genuine Snakeskin shoes, make sure to waterproof them using a spray-on waterproofer that’s suitable for the material. We definitely recommend that you conduct a patch test on a discrete area of the shoe first, to ensure the spray will not alter the colour of the snakeskin.
  • For general, once-in-awhile cleaning or after messy outings, clean your shoes with a warm, clean, damp (but not dripping wet!), white cloth and very gently wipe against the grain of the Snakeskin. You’re aiming to remove small clods of dirt and debris caught under the scales. Leave them in a warm spot to dry (but not in direct sun).
  • Once dry, condition the shoes - this helps them to avoid becoming dry and brittle. Using a leather conditioner that’s appropriate for Snakeskin, carry out a patch test, gently rubbing into a discrete place on the shoe. If there’s no adverse affect, rub the conditioner into the rest of the shoes, wiping in the same direction as the grain of the Snakeskin.

If you need any more help with your Snakeskin shoes, please check out Jodie's blog post  or feel free to contact Customer Happiness!

Last Updated: Dec 04, 2017 02:11PM PST

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