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How do I care for Silk?

Silk, while glamorous in its jewel-like tones, needs some love and care to keep it looking its finest. 

As soon as you take your Silk shoes out of the box, we recommend that you protect them with at least a layer or two of an appropriate spray-on waterproofer to keep dirt at bay. However, no amount of waterproofing can ultimately protect Silk against wet ground surfaces or grass. If you’re going to be wearing them on grass, it may be worth investing in clear, plastic heel savers or selecting another material for the heel and platform.

To remove small stains from your shoes, gently wipe dust and dirt off the shoes with a dry cloth. Dampen a cloth with cold water and blot the stains, starting at the top of the stain and working downwards to the sole, following the grain of the silk. Make sure you dab rather than rub! You can then dry your Silk shoes with a hand towel by blotting and dabbing at the moisture. Again, don’t rub as this could create water streaks.

For deeper stains use a tiny amount of gentle hand soap if water isn't enough. Add the soap to the damp cloth and dab the stain gently. Then, rinse the cloth in cold water and wring it out. Then use the clean damp cloth again to remove all the soap residue on the shoe, by dabbing. Do not let the shoes air dry as this will leave water marks and streaks! 

Last Updated: Sep 11, 2013 09:50PM PDT

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